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Established in 2005, Jon Newton Design is the result of an uncompromising determination and passion to design and create striking artistic pieces. My intuitive approach produces extraordinary timeless pieces, fashioned from natural stunning woods blended to produce aesthetically pleasing designs. In addition to the pieces shown on website, I have worked on prestigious projects for celebrity clients, interior designers and exhibited works in London Galleries.  Many of these handcrafted works bear my hallmark of three small circles which symbolise the core elements of my work; 'creativity', 'contemporary', 'craftsmanship' alongside two distinctive inlaid stripes which represent symmetry and simplicity.           

From an early age I had a passion for art and design, and the desire to create beautiful things. My years at Art College lead me into a variety of opportunities where I was able to acquire not only the practical skills I would need in the future, but also to understand the limitations inherent in certain materials and the possibilities latent in others. From industrial model making for Formula 1, to design work for the Ministry of Defence, I was learning my trade at every turn, culminating in an inspirational course at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. It was within the world of theatre design that I combined my practical skills and artistic flair and began producing bespoke furniture. During these years I was fortunate enough to work alongside several industry leaders and then serve a cabinet making apprenticeship with a prestigious bespoke furniture maker, before launching out on my own.  

Jon Newton